Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Big Picture

Notes on World Usage Notes on World Supply Notes on World Demand Notes on US Usage 140 billion gallons of gasoline consumed in the US each year And our global appetite for petroleum continues to grow. In the United States alone, we consume nearly 40 quadrillion BTUs every year. (That’s 15 zeroes – a billion million.) The costs are astronomical: We spend over $200 billion on foreign oil every year. Notes on US Supply Notes on US Demand Ninety seven percent of the fuel used in U.S. transportation is petroleum-based, and two-thirds of our oil is imported. Much the largest source of renewable energy is hydroelectric power, which provides 17% of world electricity (and 6% of world energy), about the same as nuclear power; both are CO2-free. All the other renewables - wind, wave, tidal, solar, biomass (which are either CO2-free or CO-neutral) - hardly feature in the statistics at the present time.
Revia and Depade

A one megawatt plant can supply up to 1,000 homes with power).

Industry in the United States accounts for one-fourth of the world's manufacturing output, employs 14 million people and at 12 percent of the gross domestic product makes the highest contribution to the economy of any sector," Blue said.
While the U.S. industrial sector supplies over 60 percent of the nation's exports worth $50 billion/month, the challenge is to reduce the amount of energy - 32 quads, which is about one-third of the total energy consumed in the nation. One quad is equal to 1 quadrillion British thermal units, an amount of energy equal to 170 million barrels of oil.

CHARLIE ROSE: You’ve also said that we can get — have energy independence in 10 years
if we’re willing to go spend $180 billion?
AMORY LOVINS: I didn’t say in 10 years, but if we spent $180 billion getting off oil, half of
it to retool the car, truck and plane industries for tripled efficiency, and half to build a
modern bio-fuels industry, then that $180 billion investment by 2025 would return net $70

about milatary

AMORY LOVINS: And, of course, it’s a very teachable moment right now, because they
spend about half their money and a third of their people moving stuff around. That’s called
CHARLIE ROSE: Right. Right.
AMORY LOVINS: 70 percent of the tonnage they move is fuel.

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Even though independence from foreign oil has been a recurring theme in political rhetoric since Richard Nixon, the amount of oil that the United States imports has grown from 24 percent in 1970 to nearly 70 percent today, he said. About half of that 70 percent comes from the Middle East and Africa, which are not stable areas, he added. “It grades from not friendly to hating us, is where that oil’s coming from,” he said, to laughter. “And it’s incredible that we have drifted off into this never-never land of somehow believing that we have oil. … We operate like we have oil.”