Thursday, October 16, 2008

100 + things to be optimistic about

   (Don't let the date on this post fool you I am constantly adding to it)

This posting will be a collection of things that could prove interesting in improving our world. A fraction of these will in time make major improvements.


99)  Vertical Wind towers  can mean 10X wind power on same amount of land.

98) Khosla Scilicium a startup in Solar where disk benefits from heat as well. 

97)DOE Consortium looks to improve ICE efficentcy by 30%  

96 Supercritical Water removes sugar from wood at sugarcane prices

95) NASA  shares technology with others 

94 Miniaturizing Fischer-Tropsch plants 
allows for more regional smaller scale plants reducing transportation costs

93 Molecular Filtration Advancements for Petroleum Refiners

92 CO2 as a FeedStock

91 Fracking Oil Shale (pending safety concerns) 

90 ARPA invests in bugs that produce Hydrogen, Ethanol etc. 

89 ) General Fusion

Fusion for 30M? Vancouver CA company with Bezos money.

88) Various Water Ideas

Seawater Greenhouses

Cyprus Institutes Solar Desalination

Bruce Logan Microbial Desalination  Microbial Fuel Cells

87) Spherical Motor Kuglemotor

86 Michigan State University has a Wave Disk creates a pulse which recharges a battery

Wave Disk Engine 3.5 X more efficient than ICE
a good description of the shock wave cycles

85 Hydrogen Fuel Cells costs cut by 75% by Nissan

84:QM Power

83: Tour Engines - Improved ICE with Split Cycle

1) Lonnie Johnson Stirling Engine in a Box- SolidState Membrane   Heat Recovery--Heat Engine

- JTEC- Johnson Thermo-electromechanical Energy Conversion System, It will convert heat to electricity at rates reaching just under 40 percent of the maximum theoretical efficiency available in an engine operating between two temperatures -- the Carnot efficiency.

Lonnie Johnson lectures at Xerox Parc Video


3)New Drilling technology for GeoThermal Wells

4)NanoAntennas -Harvesting the full spectrum of the Sun's Rays
also early detection of diseases and splitting light by color and intense focus of light

5)Capturing kinetic energy from cars-
Speed bump power-drive throughs toll booths. -

6)Substainability :growing trees in the desert

Scientific America article on greening the world

7) Venter harvests 20 million new genes to find bug that turns coal to methane
8 Low grade Coal (lignite) to Gas? Is it real and desirable?

9) Hydrogenization of CO2 (using it as a possible feedstock through Fischer-Tropp)

10)CO2 to Methanol

11) Bugs that create Methane from Coal

12) Infrared Light into Electricity :using a wider spectrum

13) Spectrolab Solar reaches 40% with mirrors

14)Toshiba smaller nuclear

15) Amtec -solid state heat engine;col1
Lonnie Johnson talks at Parc

16) Urine Fuel
E3 clean technology hydrogen fuel cell
17)Lithium Air Batteries (increased energy density)

18) One Step Cellusoic sludge to Ethanol

19) One Step Algae to Ethanol

20) Miscanthus Research

21) Improved Heat carriers for Geothermal


23) Desalinization Energy Plant

24) Factor of 50 energy savings membrane for seperation

25)Electric Cream ??

26) Cansolar

27) Artifical Photosynthesis

28)Zeolites - Low energy seperation of Biofuels

29) Micro hydro- canals slow moving

30)Desalinization Pressure Drop Energy

31)Diesel-Gas in same engine 20 %improvement

32)New Engine Technologies

33)A variant on Salt-Freshwater Energy

34)Sewerage Energy

35 Vincent Carman

36 electric motor improvements

37 ultracapicator- battery combo

38) Joule Biotech (organism that is not algae)

39) Glidearc - Plasma Gasification Method

40) Bugs that eat polution

41) Pyrolis method to turn Biomass to chemicals

42) Zajac Motors_ improved diesel design

43) Solar Air conditioning with 3-4 year payback

44) urban farmer
will allen 1/4 food two acres

45 Liquid Piston improved Diesel engine

46) Salt water battery ;;
Desalinization technique

47) Oorj _methanol fuel cells

48)Fiber PV gains in efficiency

49) Viruses making Hydrogen

50) Assorted Automotive Technologies
Laser Spark Plug 

51) Solar Heated iron to make Syngas

52) Appreciation for Dirt

53) Pressure cooking Algae to oil

54) 90% more efficent air conditioning\

55 heat recovery wheels

56 new energy technology as shown here and here at Tour.

57) making a sewer pit a fuel cell

58) Lead acid battery technology

59) Super charger technology

60)Magnesium fuel cell

61) New car engines
Pinacles Boxer Engine 

Concept: Garric Rotary Variable Compression Ratio Engine

62) Khosla looking for answers
his tracked portfolio found here

63) Fuel from CO2

64) Doe and Concentrated Solar Power

65 Perenial Grain research

66 Arpa e awards list

67 Wave disc engines

68 Bricks from urine
69 Large gravel beds to be used as large heat storage devices

70 Electrotherm - Waste Heat Reclaimer in production

71) Electric Power Plant uses excess power to create Nitrogen and Oxygen as storage to be burned by waste heat

72) Salt water Fresh Water Osmotic difference

73) Flow Battery Research from a123

74) mindvolting ;)

75) faster hole digging

76) Stanford heat and solar electronically in the same package 50%

77) Scuderi and the Air Hybrid Engine

78) Virtual Lithium Mine

79) Flow Batteries
80) DBM Solid State Battery Quick Charging high Capacity and Cheap

81) Sodium &Water Grid Storage

82) nanoptek to create hydrogen in a standalone system

83) UMaine Trees to Fuel

More on New Energy Site with video found here 

84)Reducing Friction Ideas
Diamond like Carbon Coating for Plows


86 Salt driven AC with 75% power savings 

** Optical Cavity Furnace-Better Solar Panel Manufacturing (in precision and cost);title

flodesign Waltham MA airturbine based on Jet Engine that goes beyond Betz limit

Luca technology gas farming microbes turn coal to natural gas

NYC based Rentricity electricity from pressure drops in water pipes 

Sempris NREL Solar @ 40% efficiency  


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