Thursday, October 16, 2008

Notes on Fanatical Prospecting

Jeb Blount seems to be cut from the same cloth and does a nice job codifying some ideas & making points that are memorable. 

My notes: 

There is no easy button in Sales. 
Persistence always wins always.
Proactively Persuing Prospects 
Opening Sales Conversations and filling the pipeline
The number one reason for failure empty pipe caused by failure to prospect.

fanatical- motivated or characterised by an extreme uncritical enthusiasm . 
easy is the greatest marketing hook invented (but untrue) 

easy is mother of mediocrity and like a broke uncle. 
you should wish things were easier only that things are better.
Prospecting is hard emotional draining work and it is the price to pay for a large income.

Successful sales people leave signs.

They are 

Superstars don't 
don't makes excuses 
don't whine
don't  complain
don't  live in fear
don't  procrastinate
They prospect when times are good a rainy day is around the corner 
They prospect when

The Paradox of Basics- An answer so blatantly obvious that it remains impossibly invisible.

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