Thursday, October 16, 2008

100 improvements in Batteries, Super Capacitors,Fuel Cells

 I've seen a lot of press releases and articles regarding Battery and SuperCapacitor improvements. I thought I would captures some of that Optimism 8) here and check back on them.

Quantumscape : Khosla, Stanford University, 1st ARPA-E round All-Electron Battery
Market: Autos
Advancement: the way material stacks together, electron flow vs Ion flow  ?
The footprint of fossil fuels-Power Density
High Cycle rate

2) 5.2010 Recapping + Khosla + Penn State
Advancement: Ceramic Battery based on a 3D nanocomposite structure, like EEStor
high cycling ability,
high power density,
low cost

3)Boston Power (now in China)
Market: Auto
Advancement: lithium ion
Benefits: small size means easier QC, similar to Tesla

4) 9.2011 AES Large Grid Storage
Market: Battery Grid Storage

5) Rebunieus 1GW Grid Storage in Mexico

6)Nocerra MIT artificial Leaf for hydrogen
Market: Hydrogen for Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Advancement: Solar and Water and Catalyst = Hydrogen

 7)Mission Motors Motorcycle Battery
Market: Motorcycles and move up?

8.ClearEdge SMB Building Fuel Cells

9.Zinc Cheap as Dirt Grid Energy

10. Sodium Research

11.Liquid Metal Battery

Khosla now involved in Sadoway Liquid Metal Battery 
A Discussion of LMB work at MIT high tempature  most likely for Grid Storage

12.Ioxus Caps

more about ioxus
13.New Anode lift lithium another 30%

14.Lithium Air and IBM

The challenges of lithium air battery

15.solid State Batteries for Autos

16.Flourine long lasting battery chemistry

17.Salton Sea Lithium

18.Centrifuge improves battery building

19.silicon Boost

20.Oorja the fork lift fuel cell company

21.Firefly energy RIP trucker cab battery

22.Porus Power Spray

23 Energizer Zinc Air

24.Xtreme Power

25.Sion - Lithium Sulfide more on Sion Power 

26.links to multiple battery stories

27.stretchy membraine at berkley

28. Salt Water Battery

29: Gartner Like Quandrant

30. Nissan cuts auto fuel costs by 75%

31 iron air battery SC

32 a23 paste battery

33 1000 mile car battery MAIL Battery
500-mile EV batteries. With the help of Recovery Act funding, Arizona-based Fluidic Energy is working with Arizona State University to develop a new generation of higher energy density metal-air batteries (metal air ionic liquid batteries, MAIL). To date, the development of these batteries has been blocked by the limitations of using unstable water based solutions that break down and evaporate out of the battery as it breathes. Fluidic Energy’s approach involves ionic liquids. If successful, the effort could yield batteries that weigh less, cost less, and are capable of carrying a four passenger electric car 500 miles without recharging, at a cost competitive with internal combustion engines.

34 Harvard Microbial battery

35 Idaho University Lead Battery Advancements

36) online resources for battery research

37 Ultra Caps fromIOXUS

38 Flouride-ion Batteries
ten times the density of Lithium, need to figure out how to operate at lower temperatures.

39 Stretchy Membrane 2 at Singapore

40)MIT has new catalyst for Nocera leaf 

and another new Catalyst

and another Hydrogen Catalyst avoid Platinum

41 FastCap
Nanomaterials in Capacitors

42 Algaenate binder 

43 Formic Acid Fuel cells 

44) Ceramatec Ceramic Batteries for the home

45) Organic Fuel cells

46) Molten Salt Battery 

47) Applied Materials and improved battery production technology

Nalamasu ended his talk on a retro note. The manufacturing process for batteries, even the lithium-ion batteries in a Toyota Prius or Telsa Roadster, has barely changed for a century. Applied Materials is developing a new, cheaper process that cuts the traditional 14 stages of production down to three.

48 Lithium Air Batteries (increased energy density)

49 Khosla Seeo  lithium technology with Pilot Plant

50 Discussion on types of Lithium Batteries .

51 Sumitomo's Low Temp Molten Salt batteries for cars in 2015

Foam battery and Capacity Hybrid

notes from battery university regarding types of battery materials

Pellion : Khosla, ARPA-E and magnesium battery investment

Norwegian working on cheap wasteheat recovery

PolyPlus Lithium Saltwater Battery funded by ARPA-E first round

Winston Chung Chinese Entrepreneur US production and the 1000 mile bus battery 

nd the 300 mile battery

Stanford Based Research Battery with a 30-year life for Grid Storage and MIT Review

GT Advanced Technology discusses 2 technologies to produce better solar for cheaper

25 battery ideas

UltraBattery combines lead-acid technology with supercapacitors for cheap 100k mile battery

Emefcy develops advanced energy efficient wastewater treatment technologies for minicipal and industrial plants creates Microbial Fuel cells

Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Takashi Yabe uses water and the common metallic element magnesium to create pollution-free power

Isentropic Energy Pumped heat electric energy gravel storage bed

IBM makes some strides in Lithium Air Batteries using big data to explore

Steve Chu of Arpa-e talks of battery improvement targets

Vorbeck Graphene Lithium  Materials make batteries that recharge quicker and last 4x longer

Lithium Iron Phosphate BASF -


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