Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Xprize teams I am following

Amp Totally electric (150miles ) sports car (GM Saturn);IN

Bitw-existing geo- some humor here IN

Enginer -steam turbine boost from waste heat retrofitted-aussie-china-IN

Envera-variable compression engine-goverment lab tested-IN

Illuminati Motor Works -7- bunch of guys with cool team name-IN

Raceabout- from Helsinki tech-IN-HYVAA!

more who are out update 4.26.10

Alternative Fuel -Urea! -Cool Factor (zero fuel): OUT
last blog post 6/12/09

Belloso - Two engines one for acceleration (The Belleso Brothers): OUT

CTS- plasma ignition :OUT

Enertia-converted Studebaker Avanti-style points:OUT

site that is still up

Gomecys-new gas engine design at it for 10 years:OUT

polson- The Poulsen Hybrid system utilizes Permanent Magnet, Axial Field (PMAF) motors-OUT

Velozzi-Tied in with Bayer -hot Race Car :OUT

These favorites of mine are no longer in the contest.

Avion-Bullet Car from 88- World Champion-cool Factor (no longer links?)

Eco-Taxi-vegtable oil + brown's gas oxegen-hydrogen (no longer links)

Finishing Dutch - super efficent new motor design (no longer links)

Nelson Tyla -Old School -Oxygen flywheel Inovator- a favorite (no longer links)


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