Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peak Oil

US uses 14 million barrells a day about a Gallon for every person in the US. pg100the plot Global demand to grow by 30% by 2030. Over 150 Coal plans are being planed to be built in the US. Processing and using tar sand generates 40% c02 than traditional oil . Oil Shale twice as much Co2 than Oil. The average person travels 50% more to shop than in 1990. PTSW The "lifting" price - how much it costs to get oil out of the ground - is very cheap in the Persian Gulf, around a dollar a barrel, while from Gulf of Mexico, North Sea or Alaska the "lifting" price is $8-12. Matthew Simmons predicts by 2015 the world will, in the BEST case scenario, be pumping no more than 65 million barrels per day of crude Important Articles on this subject

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