Friday, September 19, 2008

Global Warming- Greenhouse Gases

Air travel an estimated 25% of the Co2-
Deforestation accounts for 20% of all current carbon emissions.
plot to save the world Fertilizer and farm machinery 12 % of the Greenhouse gas.

Fabric and Wood for furniture account for 20% growth in ghg. (58 ptstw)

1) About 69% of our nation's greenhouse pollution comes from the production of power and heat. 2) A typical U.S. power plant is only 33% efficient, meaning it throws away two-thirds of its fuel. This pathetic figure hasn't improved since the 1950s.
3) Technology is available right now to make power plants that are 70-90% efficient. Such plants -- which "recycle" their own waste heat into clean power and steam -- provide over half of Denmark's energy.

If we reduced by 50% amount of ghg from buildings = no new coal plants.
There may be dangers associated with sequestering- Volcano C02 killed 1800 in @

2 Centuries raised carbon by 35% to 350 parts per million.
At present growth, half century will triple it. (Princeton) ptstw

pg 8. Rich nations need to reduce gas by 80% by half century.

Half in us may be met by Recycling, Better Building Designs, Smarter Grids, LED lighting .Rest in Transportation and Power Plants.

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