Friday, September 19, 2008

Alternative Auto

Clean Power Technologies

According to the company's research,
only 27 percent of the energy from a tank of gas is actually used for propelling the vehicle forward,

33 percent is used to cool the engine, 36 percent is just lost through heat via the exhaust and a mere 4 percent is lost to friction.
Toyota expects to sell 1 million hybrids or 10 percent of fleet in the next few years.

Transportation is 20 % of ghg us emits. building a 60 mpg vehicle would help.
It's said that for each ton that we keep out of atmosphere. it cost 250 in car cost per ton vs 5 -15 bucks in tree planting.
In todays auto 80% of gas energy is loss in exhaust and heat.
1% of energy moves the driver.
Average Driver uses 600 gallons a year. Amory Lovins- plot
City requires 20 sq meters (yards) per each car of parking space.

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