Friday, September 19, 2008

Algae as Fuel

US could supply all its energy needs with 20 million acres of algae land . 970 acres are used for crops and grazing.
Commercial Viability, most of 120million algae don't produce oil and then only under certain,
Tough to figure due to Heat, Light, Grwoth Media, Turbulence, Water Circulation,200 gallons of fuel from 4000 gallons of algae,
1 percent is algae and algae is 99.5 percent water, .5 is algae and of the algae is 90 percent water.
dewatering and extraction policy.
1.50 gallon in capex to build the grow tanks. Algae is killed by overheat, excrement, oxegen,how to feed.
Open ponds open to other
Live fuels does open ponds
must get biomass at around 100 dollars a ton or not relevant, 40 dollar a barrell is target equal to tar sands,
1/1000 is the ratio of dry weight/algae
On the aggressive GMO is 50 oil/algae bioweight
Looking for the Lipid Trigger to create oil without stressing algae, needs to be GMO.

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